3. Suliram (Indonesia)

This is a very old lullaby from Indonesia, which is a group of islands in the ocean on the other side of the world from America. Suliram means "go to sleep" and we thought it was so beautiful that we wanted to play it for you ourselves. Can you hear the flute and the violin playing their separate parts and also playing together? There are words to it which are very, very beautiful.

Thea Suits-Silverman: Flute Tracy Silverman: 6 string violin, Keyboard, Percussion, including Balinese Marimba Traditional, arranged by Tracy Silverman 1997 From The Gut Music (ASCAP) *Recorded at Tiki Town, San Rafael, CA

Suliram, ram, ram
Suliram, yang manis
Adu hai indung suhoorang
Bidjakla sana dipandang manis

(repeat first verse)

Tingi la, tingi, si matahari
Anakla koorbau mati toortambat
Sudala lama saiya menchari
Baruse klarung sa ya mendabat

(repeat first verse)

"Go To Sleep"
Go to sleep
Go to sleep, sleep, sleep
Go to sleep, little one
Close your eyes and dream tender dreams
For you are guarded, protected by my love

[repeat 1st verse]

Long have I waited, I've waited for you
Go to sleep
Years I spent hoping and praying for you
Go to sleep
Now that I have you right here by my side
I will not ever, no never let you go

[repeat 1st verse]

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5. Montanhas No Ceu (Brazil)

This lullaby was written just for this record by a young woman name Diana Moreira. She sings it with her mother, who is a famous singer from Brazil named Flora and with her father who is a great Brazilian musician named Airto. We can remember his name because it sounds like "eye-ear-toe." It is in the Portuguese language and is about falling into a dream about flying where angels will guide you to the mountains in the sky where lots of adventures can take place.

Flora Purim: Vocal
Diana Moreira: Vocal
Airto Moreira: Vocal and Percussion
Jose Neto: Guitar
Composed and Arranged by Diana Moreira and Chil-Factor (Krishna Booker)
1997 Chil-Dream Music (BMI)
* Recorded at Tiki Town, San Rafael, CA

Fecha os olhos Joaninha
Voce ja comeu seu mel
Cai no sonho e vem comigo
Para as montanhas no ceu

Ja chegou a hora certa
Para a gente viajar
Pega o vento e sai voando
Pela terra e pelo mar

Quando os anjos vao guiando
O nosso caminho
E que a gente vai chegando

"Mountains in the Sky"
Close your eyes little Joanna
You've just had your milk and honey
Fall into a dream and come with me
To the mountains in the sky

The time has come for us to journey
Grab the wind and take off flying
Over land and over sea

When the angels are guiding our way
It means we are arriving

[repeat 1st verse]

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7. Anjo da Guarda (Brazil)

Remember "eye-ear-toe" from the fifth song? Well, now
Airto is singing a very old lullaby in Portuguese from
his country of Brazil. He used to sing it to his
daughter, Diana, when she was little so she wouldn't
be scared of the dark. It is about a wonderful angel
who will guard you while you sleep so that your dreams
will be happy. It's a very old song but Airto made up
some new words and music to add to it so that it would
be his own special lullaby.

Airto Moreira: Vocal, Whistle
Jose Neto: Guitar
Composed by Airto Moreira based on a Brazilian
Spiritualist Hymn
1997 Solimar (BMI)

Anjo da Guarda, bendito sejas
Em nome de Deus, seus filhos guardai

Anjo da Guarda, me da sua mao
Velando meus sonhos
Com sua atencao

Sempre alerta de noite e de dia
Vai me giando com toda harmonia


"Guardian Angel"
Guardian Angel, you are blessed
In God's name, your children you must keep

Guardian Angel, give me your hand
Watching over my dreams with your full attention

Always alert by night and by day
Guiding me forever in perfect harmony

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10. Sofdu Unga Astin Min (Iceland)

The melody of this song is played by a clarinet. The
clarinet can play so softly that you can hardly hear
it, and it can also sound just like someone singing.
This lullaby is from another island called Iceland,
which isn't really covered with ice all the time.
It's played by a whole family. The father, Richard,
is playing the clarinet and the mother, Lucy, is
playing a lyre which is like a little harp, and she
also plays the violin and sings the song. Their son,
Peter, is playing the piano and their daughter, Meg,
is playing the flute. They thought this lullaby was
so beautiful that they came up with their own musical
word: hauntissimo.

Richard Stoltzman: Clarinet
Lucy Stoltzman: Lyre, Bodrun Lyre, Violin, Vocal
Peter Stoltzman: Piano
Meg Stoltzman: Flute
Traditional, Arranged by Tracy Silverman,
1997 From The Gut Music (ASCAP)

Sofdu unga astin min
Uti regnid groetur
Mamma geymir gullin pin
gamla leggi og volu skrin
Vio skulum ekki vaka um dimmar noetur


"Sleep My Darling Baby, Sleep"
Sleep my darling baby, sleep
Rain is gently falling
Mother will thy treasures keep
Hidden where the shadows creep
So hush thee my baby, night for rest is calling

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13. Tumbalalaika (Israel)

Mike and Kaila are married to each other and they have
a beautiful house in California where they play music
together and cook the most wonderful meals for their
friends and for each other. I think they love making
music even more than making food. And it sounds like
the birds think so, too. The title of this lullaby is
Tumbalalaika which means "play the balalaika." A
balalaika is an instrument kind of like a guitar that
people play in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Mike Marshall: Mandolin, Guitar
Kaila Flexer: Violin
Traditional, Arranged by Mike Marshall and Kaila Flexer
1997 Rotagila (BMI) / Next Village (BMI)
Recorded at Gatorland Sutdio, Oakland, CA

Shteyt a bocher, shteyt un tracht
Tracht un tracht dem gantze nacht
Vemen tsu nemen un nit farshemen
Vemen tsu nemen un nit farshemen

Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbalalaika, shpil balalaika
Tumbalalaika, freylach zol zeyn


A boy stood thinking all through the night
Thinking, thinking, what to do
Whose heart to take? Whose heart not to break?
Whose heart to take? Whose heart not to break?

Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbala, Tumbala, Tumbalalaika
Tumbalalaika, strum balalaika
Tumbalalaika, may we find joy

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17. Here I am (USA)

This is a song from us. We like to sing lots of songs
together. Whenever Louisa or Hannah cry at night we
always come to them and say "Here I am. Don't worry"
and then they stop crying and go back to sleep. We
thought it would make a good song and I hope it will
make you feel better when you hear it, too. Louisa
and Hannah especially like it because even if one of
us can't be there, they can still hear us singing to
them on the record. Can you hear our 4-year-old
daughter, Louisa, calling for us? Thanks for
listening to our whole record. Now it's really time
to go to sleep. Good night.

Tracy Silverman: 6 String Violin, Vocal, Violin, Percussion, Keyboard
Thea Suits-Silverman: Flute, Vocal
Louisa Silverman-vocal
Composed and Arranged by Tracy Silverman
1997 From The Gut Music (ASCAP)
* Recorded at Tiki Town, San Rafael, CA

Here I am
Yes I am
I will be here in the morning
And I'll be here in the night

Here I am
Oh yes I am
I will be here in the morning
I will be here by your side

Here I am
Here I am
It's all right now, It's all right now
No no you don't have to cry

And all your dreams are closer now

I will hold you 'til the morning
I will hold you tight

And all your dreams are happy ones

I will be here in the morning and
I'll be here through the night
I will be here through the night
I'll be right here by your side

Here I am

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